I'm Phil. Born in Nottingham in 1988 I grew up in the North East of England, going to high school in Morpeth. I attended Durham University and studied Maths from 2006 to 2009. After graduating I spent 6 years playing poker for a living. During that time I lived in London and travelled around the world to play.

Since 2014 I have been teaching myself to code with the aim of becoming a developer.

I've gained experience with Python language including numpy and matplotlib. I've also learnt Javascript and several front end web technologies including HTML/CSS, jQuery, Sass, Grunt, d3js and used mid/back end technologies including underscore, Nodejs, Git and SQL.

I have always loved maps and followed politics closely so decided to combine the two and make a set of interactive UK Election Maps. I aim to add to these by making US based ones in time for the mid-terms in 2018.

In my spare time I enjoy hillwalking, amateur astronomy and playing Hearthstone.

Idiot in Myanmar

Atop an electric scooter in Myanmar. Not pictured, many crashes.